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People have become familiar when seeing one traditional wallet, or a basic wallet that features adequate slots. So, there is no “wow” or amazing gestures associated. However, carrying a money clip wallet will get your many compliments from surrounding people.
Big Skinny Money Clip

The Big Skinny money clip is rather unique compared to other wallets on this list or even mot wallets in general.
It’s made from a nylon microfiber, it’s able to be extremely lightweight and thin to the point you’d probably forget you even had it on you if it wasn’t carrying so many valuable things (though given the nature of wallets, you might still forget).
This doesn’t mean it’s shoddily made, though, nylon still being an extremely durable material that can stand up to most daily wear and tear.
When completely empty, the Big Skinny wallet is a shocking millimeters thick, making it like you’re carrying nothing at all.

Even when filled, it rarely gets much wider than that. You’d really have to try to make it to even a centimeter.
That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of space, though. This wallet is capable of holding up to twenty bills at once, secured with a magnetic clip for peace of mind.
It also features three different card slots, each of which can hold about three normal thickness cards each and is rubber-lined to prevent slippage. stainless steel clip, this wallet is built to last.
For years now, JooJoobs had impressed the community with their unique distressed leather products but recently, they've started to offer vegetable chrome leather.
Eel skin is a strange substance.
Being one surprisingly strong and pleasantly slick and soft, it’s a wonder more wallets aren’t made from it. If you don’t mind straying from cowhide, this might just be the next money clip wallet for you.

The eel skin magnetic money clip wallet has four pockets for your cards plus an extra side pocket, making room for well over a dozen cards if desired.
Like the title suggests, the money clip is magnetic and will keep your cash secured come rain, shine, hail, or anything in between (though maybe not tornado). It also has an ID window.
One of eel skin’s main draws is the unique way it takes color. For this reason, you can find this wallet in more standard colors like brown and black but also more exotic options like red, burgundy, and teal.
Straight from Italy comes the 
Made from supple calfskin leather, the Revival wallet has two card slots with room enough for two or three cards apiece.

Even fitting snugly, this wallet manages to stay relatively slim, slipping into your pocket easily almost like it’s not even there at all.
On the opposite side is the magnetic money clip. Made from sturdy metal, you’d have a better chance of tearing the wallet in half with your bare hands than getting it to come loose. That’s just the kind of quality you’re dealing with from the Salvatore Ferragamo brand.
Rolling Papers Within
Before paper currency outmaneuvered the coin as the go-to representative of payable debts in the west, folks carried their money in purses and pouches of all kinds. Most often these were cinched about the top with small, braided ropes, and they freely mixed all forms of currency together in a single bag.
Most often these were cinched about the top with small, braided ropes, and they freely mixed all forms of currency together in a single bag.
Then, in 1690, the Massachusetts Bay Colony in The New World introduced the first paper currency, which lead rather quickly to the development of something akin to the modern wallet. These were larger apparatuses, and they were worn on the belt through to the 19th century, as keeping ones wallet in a pocket was considered uncouth.
Carry Multiple Money Clip Wallets
Using one wallet everyday or in every event makes other understand that you are not capable of spending much on your wallet. Always have to wallets that you can carry in multiple events because people notice everything about you. From top to the bottom, every stuff is noticeable. So try to leave others with a lasting and astonishing impression of you.
The greatest benefit of money clip wallet is that it don’t allow you to overload items as in case of traditional bulky wallets where you are used to carry cash, expired cards and old receipts everywhere with you. Money clip wallets are smaller in size and organize everything nicely. It makes easy for you to track slip of papers or credit/debit cards you might otherwise have searching in your pocket.

The Kinzd Money clip is m ade of high-quality leather and has a simple design. It makes it to the third spot here thanks to its high popularity with customers and affordable price. It’s perhaps the best front pocket wallet with a money clip and RFID-blocking.
The Kinzd Money Clip is just 0.inches thick, 4.inches tall and 2.inches long. It’s a little bigger than the Alpine Swiss wallet – which is a good thing if you’re going to be putting international currency in it. It has three card slots, ID display window and a single coin pocket. Navigate to this website. When full, it becomes a little bulky, but it will still fit in your shirt or jeans pockets. Kinzd also offers its wallet with a pull-tab feature, if you want to get to your cards quickly.
Unlike most magnetic money clip wallets that use two magnets, the Kinzd uses This feature effectively doubles its carrying capacity. You should be able to fit in as many as 40 folded bills in the magnet, without worrying about them falling out. The strong magnet may mess with some of your cards, though, so watch out for that. The wallet is available in colors Black, Brown, and Khaki..

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