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I was another one to get fooled by this product. While it lasted it worked very well. Browse around these guys. But as many other reviews, the amp smoked after one year. I'll be replacing the amp by an aftermarket replacement amp. But I'm done with the Infinity cheapos.
Polypropylene woofer cone

When you want to experience seriously low bass that is reproduced with detail and clarity, you need a woofer using a cone that is stiff yet lightweight. The Reference 1260W delivers an exceptional bass experience by using a woofer cone made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is the perfect combination of strength and light weight for high power handling and efficiency. It can deliver the deep bass notes that rattle your ride as well as the subtle bass notes of an audiophile-quality listening experience.
Large-roll rubber surrounds
To ensure high-performance, distortion-free bass for all kinds of music, a subwoofer cone needs to be strong when moving the large amounts of air that we hear as bass. One of the places where a subwoofer cone can be at its weakest and can distort is where the cone attaches to the basket. To ensure that the cone does not bend or flex at this connection, a strong material must attach the basket to the cone. This attachment is called the surround. Where other companies’ products use inferior materials, the Reference 1260W uses large-roll rubber surrounds. The roll’s size and strength provide stronger cone-edge suspension and absorb any distortion that might travel up the cone’s edge. The result: exceptional sound quality and detail. And if better sound quality alone isn’t enough, rubber is much more durable than other materials commonly used in surrounds. It will provide many, many miles of rocking out to your favorite artist.
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RSL’s Speedwoofer 10S stood out as an impressive performer in a 5.speaker system that otherwise fell short of Top Pick status. The subwoofer produces bass that is solid, deep, and well-defined. Reviewer Michael Trei summed it up this way: “Bass definition and tunefulness were both excellent, making it easy to follow (Charlie) Haden’s bending of notes on his big acoustic bass.” That’s a combination that’s hard to beat for four hundred bucks.

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